Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shamefull tradition in my campus

I was shocked again when I saw the news on TV. Hasanuddin University students held its tradition again, a mass fighting. It sounds strange, a place where someone suppose to go for study change to a wild arena as a jungle. The stones were flying again in the campus in front of students cooperation for about one hour, approximately 11 students and one security were injured in this riot.
From each tradition, I conclude that every riot basically as the manifestation of their overwhelming loyalty towards the faculty were they belong. All the proud I have as Hasanuddin alumni was over after the riot. There is no more proud because the tradition remains the tradition. The vandalism is still there, ironically it is owned by the students
As the alumni of this university, I feel so embarrassed (fortunately, I am on my break so I don't need to hear any negative comments from my office mates on this issue). Every time I introduce myself that I am alumni from Unhas, most of them will reply me by saying "Ooh, the fighter university". Even though it sounds like a joke but deep inside I feel so offended but I have nothing to say because that is the truth.
Again, this morning student mass fighting happened again in Manado. I was double shock. Just imagine, they had sacrificed a lot to pass the university entrance test but then when they are already inside , they choose their way to fight. If they want to fight why don't they just join boxing club instead of university? A simple answer for the fighter students..

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andrei-travellous said...

can u imagine it? how come the next generation of this nation can fight and do some riot things?

Bro, no matter how they are so Bar-bar!, u r the best! :)