Friday, January 04, 2008

Additional Busway Information

Dear Busway passenger and Busway passenger wannabe,

I just want to put more information regarding busway.

Maybe some of us do not realize that actually busway has two rates, not one rate. Most of us use the 3500 Rupiah ticket while actually we can get a cheaper price. As we know, busway operates from 5 am to 10 pm. If we use busway between 5am to 7am, the actual price is only 2000 Rupiah.
Usually, I go to office after 8 am. But today is different, I went office at 6.30 am and it makes me de javu because my first month working, I always went to office before 7am so I always got the cheaper one. Hahahaha. But, following my wealthy, I didn't go to office that early anymore, oopss.
Many car owner also doesn't aware that actually when you use busway and you have to change the busway lane, you don't need to pay additional ticket. That is why they feel lazy to use busway . In addition, busway at least quite convenience as a public transport even though some performance needs to be improved.
I plan to go to office by busway tomorrow morning again before 7 am, but hey tomorrow is Saturday, no need to go office. ;-)

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