Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Me and My ThOng

Just imagine going to office using thong instead of office shoes. Just imagine stepping lightly on the office floor with a lovely pair thong, hmmmmm, it sounds nice.

I don't really remember when i started falling in love with thong. i think I was inspired from a novel written by Hilman titled :LUPUS DAN SANDAL JEPIT. the novel was funny and taught you to be a thong maniac....

If i have to choose i will prefer using thong to go everywhere even to go to office (if it is possible and there is no restriction from office), hahaha.

Since the regulation seems not really clear in the office, I use thong today to go to the office. I feel fun and enjoy using them. I wish I can do this every day. and there are 3 reasons why I am so crazy about thong : 1. thong is the most comfortable footwear ever 2. thong can make my feet breath 3. they reduce the bad smell of my feet. :-)

Viva for thong......if they have slogan : bike to work, i have my own slogan : thong to work..... ;-p

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