Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Long Weekend

I directly feel annoyed when I hear these words. I really want to spend my long weekend by travelling or visiting some places, but what to do? Due to some reasons, I still need to spend my weekend by staying home, Kawai sou ne, ryoko ga zenzen dekinai.........
I envy Muhdar who afford to go to Makassar for spending long weekend. Why the long weekend come when I have nothing to use for travelling? 2 long weekends already passed without any plan done. And it is enough to make me feel irritated by long weekend.

I have nothing to do during weekend, I have no plan, probably i just watch TV and watch TV and again watch TV. (sounds cool), :-(

Here I am, in the beginning of a long weekend, again waiting for the chance to go somewhere...while watching TV off course.....

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