Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Entrapped Mosquito

I am feeling like a mosquito which used to fly free, hunt target everywhere I could and avoid the lizard attack. It was cool to be free to go everywhere and hunting the target with no barrier. But as i hunted a target, I was trapped into a stinky spider web. I’ve tried hard to release my self from this twist. But the more I try, the more I get stick to the web.

I can’t go everywhere now, even to move my body. I feel gradually powerless, definitely hopeless and fully scared on what will happen next. Am i going to be a desert of the lizard or the damn spider (which succesfully trapped me here?)? Still have no clue. And still waiting for help to get free from this sticky twisted yarn.

I am the mosquito who is still being entrapped in the spider web, relying myself on my faith because for the first time I realize that I am not going anywhere now, no more blood to be sucked, and no more buzz sound..........

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