Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Idul Adha in General
Idul Adha is one big day for Moslems. In Idul Adha, Moslems who afford to do kurban will cut cows, goats, or camels. Then the meat will be given to the poor people.

Idul Adha is a reminder for every Moslem when God commanded Ibrahim to cut his own son, Ismail. Both father and son had a deep willingness to do this command. So, they went to a place to do this command. But right before Ibrahim cut his own son, God sent a goat through Jibril to replace Ismail. So, Ibrahim finally cut the goat.

This story tells us about Ibrahim and Ismail’s hard willingness to do God’s command even though they must sacrifice their lives. The question then can we do the same thing like Ibrahim and Ismail when we have the same command? It sounds hard I think, therefore God wants us just cut cows, goats, and etc as sacrificing of our goods.

MY IDul Adha Experience
Today, my family cut a cow. We collected money to buy it. All my family gathered in my Grandpa’s house. Everybody had their own task. I got a task as well. I had to take the meats which tied to the bones. It was so fun to do all of the tasks together with cousins, aunts and uncles. Then we had to share the meat to the poor family. My ritual Idul Adha will always same but will always fun.

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