Thursday, December 29, 2005

Opto Ergo Sum
There will be a time where you have to choose to do something or not, pick something or the other thing, agree or disagree and like or dislike about something. As what I read, "Opto ergo sum", means I choose therefore I’m exist. Staying abstain in this condition seems not a good option.
I used to be in such condition like this. I feel I’m in the middle of two directions and I have to pick one. Like when I attended many parties, some friends try to offer me little beer, wine or sake. At that time, I’m the only one who didn’t drink alcohol. I feel I have heart temptation. In one side, I’m a Moslem and alcohol is strictly forbidden.While in the other side, all of my friends pursued me to drink some because probably they want to share with others. Yup, must be so hard if we are in this kind of circumstance. But fortunately, I always have my own decision, I didn’t drink after I explained the reason for not drinking. Hopefully they understood. But at least, I still helped my friends if they hold a party. Usually if some of them got drunk and wanted to vomit, I’ll help them. Hahaha, that’s the only favor that I could do for them because I couldn’t accompany them drank. So, I would be the only one who did toast with cola or juice in my hand. Feel like a little child. But whatever, I have decided.

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