Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Running - my supposed to be inexpensive sport

Running need not to be expensive, said many runners. Running has been known as one of the oldest mode of sport, and also known as the simplest sport to perform. People could choose to run barefoot or with shoes, based on what do runner feel comfortable with. So before I was into running, I thought that the only expense needed to be a runner is mainly on shoes since I am not a barefoot runner. So, I purchased my first running shoes and started running. 

I got into running right away, thanks to the running applications e.g. nike plus, endomondo and the likes. I became a bit competitive since my running application show the monthly leader board. I pushed myself to run regularly. I started joining some races, mainly in Jakarta, to experience the so-called race atmosphere and yes I am addicted. I joined race after race, and in 2015 alone I joined 13 races in total. An achievement that I could net even imagine one year ago. 

The more I got into running, the more I felt the urge of purchasing more running gears. I have so many gear references from my fellow runners I met during the races. The gear list got longer starting from spibelt, compression pants, compression socks, branded running pants, branded running shirts, running watch, headband, buff, hat and so the list goes. I constantly purchased stuff to fulfill my desires of having branded products for my-supposed-to-be-inexpensive-sport. I bought spibelt at first and thanks God my running watch was a present from my sister. I put all the compression gears in my waiting list since the price is out of my league. My desire for buying more stuff was so uncontrolled. 
Fully accessories runner, are we going this way? (Pic is taken from this link)

I met a lot of newbie runners in many races wearing all those branded stuff for the sake of the race. I see myself in them, wanting so bad to look like real runners by constantly purchasing stuff we see other runners are wearing. And while I ran in the race, I also witnessed the podium runners ran their race wearing simple stuff: a pair of shoes, a shirt with BIB race on it and a short pant. That's it. I questioned myself where did I go wrong? It is the running gears manufacturer's duty to sell the products and it is the runner who becomes the target. 
Still should wear less

I concluded that there is nothing wrong buying branded products if ones need it and could afford it. It might be a problem if one runner feels the urge of purchasing those branded stuff simply as the reason to mingle or to be accepted in one particular group. Here's the thing, most runner communities never force their members to comply with certain gear standards to fit in the group. It is usually our personal judgment that lead us thinking that we might not fit in the group if we don't have this and that. Now I learn that it is time to get back to the whole purpose of running: to have fun and to get sweat. Gears? Buy it only when you need it. Simple right?      

Running isn't about making people buy stuff, running should be free 
Christopher McDougall - Born to Run


~ a ~ said...

Agreed Cip. Back then in 2012 when running simply meant >> just run! :) I prepared nothing fancy but only shoes and of course hp + ear phone as i love to run into music (maroon5 ! :) ) now its crazy how much running gears can cost you. as long as its worth it and worth the value aja sih IMHO. not to mention race fee yang makin mahal nih ya.

whatever you wear wherever you run, as long as youre comfortable, just go out and get sweat lah. gak kudu race tapi lari di kebon belakang komplek juga bisa asik. gak bisa lari rame2, lari sendiri pun juga asik if you really mean to run.

so lets just run! #marilari

Ratu SYA said...

Ahahaha cip. I feel you.
Dulu waktu ada free trial gym di daerah cikini, segalalah mau dibeli. Ya sepatu, ya baju senam, ya tasnya, ya ini, ya itu.
Pdhal free trial nya cuma seminggu!!!
Itu seminggu aja ampir ngabisin setengah gaji unt persiapannya doang.
Udah abis free trial?! Ya ga diterusin membership dong. La Wong duitnya udah abis buat beli persiapannya. Huahahaha

dunia kecil indi said...

Kecuali kalau barang brandednya dipakai karena nyaman gak apa-apa, ya :) Aku sendiri belum pernah lari, tapi senang kalau lihat orang lari, hihihi.

Budy | www.travellingaddict.com said...

blognya keren mas bro...

Levina Mandalagiri said...

Xixixi. Well, it shouldn't be that expensive if you just run. But, I think, yes, people now take care fashion also. The most important is whether we enjoy it or not.

irmasenja said...

Seneng liat org yg konsisten olah raga lari, tp berat kynya lari buat saya... jalan cepet aj kali yaa ����