Monday, January 03, 2011

Cipukun is still alive

It has been a while since the last time I uploaded this blog. I did not write anything about the scholarship I got nor about what so-called my transmigration to Melbourne for my master course.

Many things happened after 8 months that I (perhaps) forgot to update through my English blog.  Managing three blogs simultaneously requires persistence, commitment and absolutely TIME. My failure in managing this blog has shown that I am not a super blogger as what many people think about me. I do not committed that hard any longer in writing English since I started my Indonesian blog.
One of my first pics in Melb

I just finished my first semester here in Melbourne, it was not easy but I managed to survive. It needs many overnight works which was challenging as the assignment is done along with facebook and youtube temptations. I survive in the end with result which beyond my expectations.  And for this small achievement, I reward myself by travelling to New Zealand and some parts of Aussie. 20 day travel is enough to recharge me, enough to keep me alive and enough to protect me from assignment insanity.
left over snow at New Zealand

I won't describe how Melbourne really looks like in this posting, I will spare time for that. I write this posting simply because I want to alert my blogger mates that this blog is still alive and still beating although with a weak pulse. Hopefully, I'll find more times or mood to manage this blog the way I manage my other blogs. Happy blogging mates.  

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merry go round said...

Ihiiiiyyy, ngga percuma link blog lo yg ini masih gue simpen di blogroll. Keep blogging pu :D