Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My relaxing weekend

My family came from my hometown this week to Jakarta (but unfortunately my Mom couldn't manage to come). So, Me and my sister decided to ask them spending weekend in Kota Bunga, Bogor District. It is actually a huge residential areas with many types of house styles. The good thing is that there are many houses rented for approximately 500.000 thousands a night. So we think, instead of staying in hotel, we better look for a house in Kota Bunga to stay for a night.
We found a nice, clean and beuty house there . The temperature was cool and the place was not crowded. Food stalls, restaurant with karaoke facility are available not far from the place which we rented. 
Here are some family pictures from Kota Bunga:

The house where we stayed for a night

A view from top

Act as if a malaysian band


Ayu said...

nice view..

eh pantes cipu kalo nyanyi lagu malaysia.. pake cengkok malaysia.. hahahah!!

cipu said...

Ayu gak sopan, ihhhh. Membuka aib ku di depan publik, hahaha. Caracter assassination. HIKS HIKS