Friday, September 19, 2008


I am a big fan of Dee a.k.a Dewi Lestari. I was blown out by her first novel Supernova, then the sequels i.e. Supernova Petir and Akar. Her first novel was my first adventure to enjoy the novel of Indonesian writers. Besides, she also wrote "Filosofi Kopi" for those who claim themselves as "coffee addict".
Last night, i blogwalked at Dee's blog at the internet cafe in my apartment. She wrote that the new book of her just launched and the title was Rectoverso. It is another unique book from Dee because a CD is also produced along with the book as a package. I don't know whether they produced this package due to marketing reason or due to Dee's talent who is not only a writer but also a singer.

Reading this news, I plan to go to Gramedia to look for the book, but then when I was about to exit the internet cafe I realized that Roctoverso's advertisements were all over the cafe. I came to cashier and asked them whether they have stock or not. They said they have, so I purchased the packet with Rp. 110.000,-. What made me excited is the fact the Dee's signature is affixed on the first page of the book and the cover of CD. I don't know do the people who buy the book at other stores have Dee's signature as well. 
Last night, I started the first chapter of the book, and yeah I (again) admit that DEE ROCKS!!!!


Ayu said...

mahalll amattt... novelnya Paul Coelho aja nggak nyampe segityuuu

cipu said...

Hehehe, ini Dewi Lestari, Yu. BEDA

travellous said...

Wuaaah Dee keluar novel baru lagi, temen2 saya juga banyak tuh penggila karangan Dee, Hebat ya dia punya penggemar yang selalu menanti karya2 nya! gak heran harga bukunya selangit. worthed lah ya! ^_^

Rully Taraka said...

kayaknya buku bagus nih..
ada copiannya gak?
mahal atuh..