Monday, September 15, 2008

Indonesia's TV programs are not creative?

I am addicted of watching TV recently. I watch many programs especially reality shows. I then realize that many programs of Indonesia' TVs copied the overseas TV programs. Some Indonesia's TV programs amazed me when first they were broadcasted, but when I realized that they were not original Indonesian, my perception about such programs then changed. Here are some Indonesian TV programs which copy paste the overseas programs:

1. Koper dan Ransel, I like this show. It is adapted from "Travel and Living" of Discovery Channel.
There are an actor and actress who will act as the first class traveler and a backpacker. It shows how the travel can be managed in a fancy way and low budget.

2. Camera Cafe, it is broadcasted in Metro TV. A parody of the situation in the office.

The camera is place as candid (according to the script) next to a coffee vending machine in an office in front of the elevator. Camera Cafe is a copy of Caméra Café in TV5 France.

3. Masa Kalah Sama Anak Kecil, the show is a competition between the adult and kids in answering some questions of elementary school curriculum. This show is a perfect copy of "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?" of Star World.

4. Akhirnya Datang Juga, it is adapted from America TV Series called "Thanks God You're Here". A non-script performance by the celebrities.
It sometimes funny when the actor/actress can improvise during the scene but sometimes it turns to be boring when the actor/actress is dull.

There are more TV programs which actually derive from outside. Actually it is not wrong if we adapt such programs (with copyright for sure). But why can't we think of another brand new programs? Or have we been challenged to create something new and interesting?


Ayu said...

kalo playboy kabel itu niruin juga nggak?

cipu said...

To Ayu, playboy kabel juga ada Yu. Cipu pernah liat di Jepang, hehehe.