Monday, August 11, 2008

Got my iPod from ArticlesTrade

At first, I never realize that I have talent in writing articles. I then had reference to a friend's blog called Asta. He was the one who keep spiriting me up. From him, I knew an articles review forum. It is Articles Trade.

Articles Trade was found by Asta himself. In this forum, I got more frequent assignments compare to any other paid review providers I joined. The communication runs well with Articles Trade because each assignment was informed properly and the staffs guide us through the assignments.
After my one month joining with Articles Trade and write intensively for them during my spare time, I have an iPod now. There are more stuffs I need to purchase, wish that Articles Trade sends me more assignments. 


listya said...

wah asik banget! trus artikelmu dimuat dimana? mereka terima artikel apa aja?

travellous said...

Great! salute to u, just wrote some article then got fabulous I-Pod! proved that u good as writer!

keep writing Bro! :)