Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Where to find the handsfree of LG KU250?

As I have stated in my previous post, music is my passion. I listen the music all the times. I use my LG KU250 to listen the music, I have installed 1 GB memory card to store the songs. It is always fun to go anywhere while listening all my favorite songs; queuing for busway will not be a bored activity if I could listen my favorite songs.

One week ago, my hands free/earphone was broken, I couldn't hear any voice. I went to Ambassador Mall to search the LG KU250 hands free, but after an hour surveillance, I couldn't find the thing I look for.
Some stores said that they are out of stock, and some say they never find the hands free for the mobile I posses. Where else to search this product.
Buying the original hands free will be so much expensive that I can't buy. Few more days without music in busway, I can imagine how tough it will be.... :-(

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