Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My Dream for Indonesia: An Integrated Transportation System

I know it sounds a bit exaggerating to have an integrated transportation system in Indonesia (Let's say Jakarta as an example). Honestly, I am neither a road practitioner nor a road expert. But I do have a dream for a better public service in this country.
As I observed in Japan (the only foreign country I have visited) , the people tends to use public transports (train, bus, subway) instead of using their private car. I saw it even in the downtown. And I realized that their preference of using public transport owing to the presence of comfortable, on time and interchange ability transportation system. I will not explain detail into the technical part because I am not the expert as I mentioned earlier. Subway (not busway) and bus can be chosen after embarking at the airport (if nobody pick you at airport).
In Indonesia (I mean Jakarta), the attempt has been taken by operating busway and initiating monorail. Once an integrated transportation built, I am sure the alter from private car to public transport can happen gradually as long as the provider concern on creating comfortability and be on time.
Have a dream is not wrong, isn't it? evenless if it comes true........

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