Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dari Kilometer 0,0 (Peep the Presidennt through the Spokesperson)

At first I heard that Mallarangeng wants to publish a book, I suddenly think that the book must be hard to understand since he is a politician and now president's spokeperson.
I came on his book launching for 30 minutes (actually i came there to get the free book, hehehe). Then I went home. I spent one hour to read some articles in the book and honestly it's not as hard as my expectation. The book is even light and understandable.
Basically, almost all the articles are pertinent to President's activity, but the storyteller is the spokesperson. (That's what a spokesperson supposed to do, right?). The topics vary from Aceh, International Issues until friendster or World Cup. Each article will lead you to contemplate and finally bring you to some conclusions: being a president is not easy, each decision made by the president has been through an adequate consideration, president is also human being so he is not superman.
As it was written by the spokesperson, so all the articles have to explain "behind the scene" of a policy and defend the president. And Mallarangeng did it....I don't want to say that the book is one sided, but I suggest you to read the book if you like something light but tasty.


rizal said...

i have read this book. Even though the book is thick. but it's a light book. It's just a diary of a spokeperson.

sumaryanto bronto said...

HEBAT ya.. bisa bikin buku (secara saya tidak pandai menulis)beberapa hari lalu saya lihat bapak satu ini di giri bangun solo saat menaiki sebuah ojeg motor, hehehe...
sebuah pemandangan yang tidak biasa saya lihat ketika dia dijakrta