Friday, January 25, 2008

2 Versions of Rama Shinta, Which one do you prefer?

Most of us maybe know about Rama and Shinta story. It’s a classic tale. I’ve watched Rama Shinta ballet in Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta. And It was amazing to see the performance especially the fire effect used in the show.

The story happened hundreds or even thousands years ago when some people were still able to fly, hehehe.

The story is about a Prince named Rama who won a contest which offered Shinta as the trophy. Then, after been declared as the champion, both Rama and Shinta were falling in love each other. But Rahwana (an ugly gigantic demon) came and kidnapped Shinta because he was also really in love with Shinta. During the “Finding Shinta” mission, Rama was helped by Hanuman (the king of monkey) who was killed by Rahwana when he tried to safe Shinta. After 10 years searching and a battle with the gloves off against Rahwana, finally Rama can find Shinta who was desperately waiting for Rama. Rama then tested Shinta by burning her to prove her virginity, and she was proven as virgin (It shows that Rahwana loved Shinta since he never tried to touch her). After that, Rama and Shinta live happily ever after.

Now, let’s turn to my version: After the kidnap, Rama was so confuse. Then, Rama opened his laptop and open Google Search, Friendster, My Space, Facebook and Yahoo Personal. Fortunately, he never forgot Shinta’s email accont, so it was easy to trace her. Rahwana himself never forbid Shinta to use internet because he loved Shinta more than anything. After finding Shinta’s address from the internet, Rama then came and had a fight with Rahwana. Unluckily, Rahwana was bigger than Rama, and defeating Rama was just a piece of cake for Rahwana. For sure Shinta will pick a stronger guy. So Shinta preferred Rahwana. Afterwards, Shinta and Rahwana lived happily ever after.


rizal said...

i think... the war should be just in the cyber world. Rama send Rahwana a virus called "Lepaskan kekasihku" and other side, Rahwana send a virus "langkahi dulu mayatku". Who win the battle?

biru said...

pokonya dulu gw sk bgt dah tuh pilm rama shinta yg prnh disetel di tipi. aplg pas liat si hanoman.HAHAHAHA....
cipu, jgnko lupa oleh2 buatku dr mks. mi kering mo... (kya org ngidam sj!)