Thursday, January 03, 2008

A call from Thapa

My Nepalese brother called me from Japan two days ago. It’s been two months since our last conversation so no wonder if we chat for thirty minutes (Thanks to you who created Yahoo Messenger). We talked in Japanese at first. The first and second minute was excellent but the next minutes I was faltering with every Japanese word I produced. I couldn’t even remember how to say “send” in Japanese. Then the language option after 8 minutes changed from Japanese to English owing to my low confidence to speak Japanese, hehehe. I realized that language is a matter of practice. In addition, I was not supported by the people surrounds me and have limited book reference.

Sometimes I heard complaint from my college friend about his broken English. Then the next year, he came again whining the same problem. Then, I asked, what you have done to improve your English? He answered that he joined an English course (I think he started it correctly). Then, I asked him again, do you frequently practice your English? He just said “No, I am shy”. That’s it.

Language is in your mouth not in your brain. Many people feel shy to speak foreign language because they are afraid to make mistake. Shy and afraid are two major constraint to speak. If someone can get rid off these things, I am sure slowly but sure, he/she can speak the language. I know many people who never experienced English course but speak foreign language.

I won’t blame anything/anyone for my poor Japanese because it is my own fault, never practice it and never open my Japanese book. I really want to fix my Japanese and I do need a partner to speak Japanese. So if you can speak a little Japanese and are interested to speak Japanese, contact me here...........

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