Sunday, December 30, 2007

busway, subway or what?

Today, I accompany my friend for city tour using busway and i do realize it is really helpfull. Since busway operated 2 years ago, many benefits are gained by the people in this city. Yet, this mode of transportation is still far below perfect and needs to be improved more. Delays, overpassengers, some reckless drivers and lack of busses are some complains from the users. Other issue is the demonstration concerning the new lane of busway in Pondok Indah due to the traffic it caused. Realizing these issues, measures to improve performance are the next challenge.

Now, Let's talk about the concept. The presence of busway at least fulfill the need of community on public service although the service itself sometimes below expectation. Hopefully, the next mode of transportation can be operated to influence the people to commute using public transportation instead of using their own cars.

I actually think that it is also important for other cities (i.e. Surabaya, Bandung, Makassar, Medan and etc) in Indonesia to start thinking on this issue. They also must have an integrated transportation system. Now is the proper time to start planning the mode of transportation before it is too late. Jakarta started busway when the traffic had been so severe. Other cities should follow that and the option is not only busway, it could be other method according to the character of each city. It could be busway, subway or maybe other alternatives......

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