Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tortured by translation and confuse in translation

This week is definitely not a regular week nor an easy week in office. At least for me, Mbak Denni, Mbak Wanti and Pak Parta. We hava to translate and old fashioned document. it's law no.6 of 1967. (Can you imagine how unusual the language they used in this law?).

And the nightmare comes true, the translation is really torturing, i feel i tossed aside to the past, hahahah. the words in the document are so confusing, every sentence has its own difficulties, and the translation runs so slow because there are so many strange words appeared. Weird and long sentence with no meaning (hmmmppphhhffff). Sometimes it took 10 minutes just to translate one single sentence. Everybody whines..........

Today, i finish my part, and im proofreadung my translation. but i know the revised version is coming. Hmmmm, another challenge....or another torture?, HAHA.

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someone said...

u r smart. but u know that