Saturday, March 25, 2006

March 25, 2005

I know that my mom wait for this moment so long. It’s every parent’s dream I think. Whose parents have no willingness to see their son or daughter in completion ceremony? Today is my first day using toga. Fortunately I had connections so then my mom didn’t have to sit in regular seats, but she sat as a VIP guess. Some friends who knew it envy me. Hahahaha.

The procession took me until 12 o’clock. Then I went home. The first guess was Syafar from Foral. Then the guess comes continuously started from family, Kaori-tachi, Lecturers, Istiqamah crews, my high school friends, Angkasa crews, my college friends and even Poltek’s UKM Bahasa. It’s an exhausted day. I must keep smiling even though I felt so overwhelm.

I have finished one phase of my life. though I didn’t finished it easily. At least I have a conscious that from now I start my real life as ……unemployed. Hmmmm….good title desu ne.

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