Thursday, January 17, 2008

Transyogya, a good news from Yogya

I went to Yogya last week for my office assignment. And as usual, I stay in Bladok hotel nearby the famous Malioboro Street.

I noticed that something new on the left side of Malioboro street, I saw a shelter (bus stop) looked like the transjakarta shelter. When I asked the people around, they said it is TransYogya shelter.
But I didn’t see any specific bus lane for it which I think good for Malioboro because when the road has to be divided for a bus lane, I am pretty sure that it will result in traffic jam. The transyogya concept followed transjakarta’s.
And I think it’s a good step to start initiating a better public service. I found many shelters around the city (and I really wanted to try but it hasn’t started the operation).

One thing to notice, the purpose of transyogya is altering the community’s transportation. Change it from motorcycle to a convenient bus service. Regrettably, according to the research, there is just 1,7% motorcycle user who willing to turn to the convenient bus. But, I am sure a good effort from provider will be followed with the increasing number of users.
Transyogya will operate soon. When will other cities have their convenient public transports?

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semuasayanganna said...

udah beroperasi trans jogja'nya, tapi blum lengkap koridornya. harga perkenalannya 1000rupiah sajaa.. hehehe...