Saturday, December 22, 2007

Time will answer your entire question that’s why it keeps ticking

I don’t know during december, the month in which I celebrate my birthday, I have to listen bad news regarding myself and my friends. The early December, I have to be hospitalized due to a disease I’ve never heard before.

At the day the Moslem celebrated Idul Adha, Lia, my bestfriend’s sister, had to go Singapore for her medication. She has to spend her christmast there, struggle for a disease which is hardly infected a 17 years girl like her. Deep vein trombosis, that’s how the people called the disease. I have no idea what it is about, but I do realize it is not a common disease. All I can do are just praying for her cure and supporting my bestfriend. I know Icha, Lia and her family are so patience and strong enough to face these all.

At the same day, when many moslems celebrated idul adha, one of my university friend, Niken, got stroke and last night i heard that she was comma. I called some friends who stay in Makassar to confirm her condition and All of them told me that NIken can't sense anything more. I was shocked. And this morning, a call from a friend in Makassar gasped me, Niken passed away. Miss her cheers in campus, Miss her laugh, Miss all the fun she brought to our campus. Good Bye Niken, I am sure Allah bless you there.

If I can turn back time.................

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